Will alleged dog abuser get off easy?

In regards to previous letters, "Reader taken aback by dog cruelty story," (Feb. 14), and "Tougher laws needed to punish pet abuse," (March 3), I wanted to commend the ladies for speaking out. I salute you and agree with you. I am, however, discouraged.

I know the family in question. I have followed this case closely, even attending court appearances. But all I see are brief appearances and repeated continuations. Despite talk of the adverse effect on her children, they are still with her in that house. I see no consequences fitting the crime. And, yes, animal cruelty is a crime.

I hope this poor dog did not die in vain, with no meaning to come from his suffering at the hands of this woman. If not, shame on her. I hope these children can be somehow spared further emotional abuse at the hands of their mother. If not, shame on our legal and social system.

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