If lemmings don't flee, they stay and pay

I can understand why the editor at a liberal paper in a liberal state like Connecticut would find a popular vote to elect the president of the United States as a negative thing ("Connecticut should reject popular vote scheme," March 16.)

Connecticut, as well as many other states in the Northeast and Great Lakes, are seeing many of their citizens leaving for warmer, more business friendly, less taxing states in the South and West. Those who remain, of course, will ensure that these states will remain Democratic. I call that the Arctic Lemming effect.

The president should champion the wishes of the majority of this nation's people. If fairness is the basic issue the candidate with the most votes nationwide should win, period. Right now, people who can move are voting with their feet. If Connecticut knew what is best for our state we would be in much better shape. Those states doing better have no interest in being governed like Connecticut.

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