Work to change gun law, don't ignore it

"Molon labe," meaning, "Come and take them," attributed to King Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae, it was recently scooped up as a rally cry for people against Connecticut's 2013 gun law.

My observations are:

1. It seems to me that most of the people up in arms about this don't live in Connecticut.

2. Gun owners who choose not to comply with the law, and are now (armed) felons, are the people they proposed we arm ourselves against. By becoming armed felons, are they not the dire prophesy of anarchy and possible armed insurrection? Convicted felons lose the important right to vote. Oh, and their guns. You are breaking the law!

3. I am a legit gun owner, a minority apparently in Connecticut these days, according to the pundits. I have complied with a law that I am not 100 percent behind. But I can question it and through the legislative/judicial system effect change to our laws. Ignoring the law does not change it.

4. I am insulted often by the number of people not from Connecticut who tell me how we should run our state. Like it or not, it is our law and it is ours to amend or not. The NRA does not trump Connecticut residency, ever!

Be the people you profess to be.

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