Hypocrisy emerges in anti-keno campaign

Being an anti-gambling type, I read the opinion piece headlined "Gambling with lives" by state Sen. Tony Guglielmo (March 16). However, after reading it, I believe a more accurate headline would have been: "For problem gamblers: Keno horrific, CT Lottery wonderful." While excoriating keno as being a game preying upon people who cannot afford to put food on the table, the bulk of the piece eulogized the Connecticut Lottery Corporation by including a long list of noble steps the Lottery takes to supposedly help problem gamblers.

So, keno is bad, Lottery is good. And what does the anti-gambling senator have to say about gambling at the state's two massive casino complexes? Absolutely nothing. Remember the heady days when the casinos were expanding continuously? Politicians of all stripes would show up at ceremonial ground-breaking ceremonies gushing that more slots meant more money going to Hartford and more wonderful jobs being created. Back then these giddy pols didn't appear to be concerned that some gamblers might not be able to put food on the table.

Connecticut politicians' aversion to gambling appears to be selective at best and hypocritical at worst.

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