United States remains land of opportunity

Income inequality has been, is and will continue to be. This is capitalism at work in a private economy. Rummaging through my collection of letters to the editors of various newspapers, I found two as relevant.

The first letter claims that people "feel pain and resentment about inequality when they see firsthand what they don't have and don't think they can get."

The second letter responds with, "My family escaped to America 30 years ago with two kids and no money from the Soviet heaven of enforced equality. Our children didn't go to summer camps and we could not afford private schools and tutors. We were at the economic bottom, yet our children did very well in schools and colleges without outside financial help. We slowly climbed the steps of economic opportunity. We will never be really rich and yet the instinct of envy has been absent and we don't feel any pain watching others prosper. To the contrary, we are happy to live in the country that offers to those with talent, education or just luck all the goods and leisure only money can buy. But we felt pain 30 years ago, knowing that no matter how hard you work or study, one cannot make a socialistic society prosperous."

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