Stop playing politics with vendor issue

Regarding your Friday, March 14 article titled, "Redrawn vendor territories debated," regarding the vending issues in Montville; I, along with at least four other vendors, was at the previous meeting. Councilor McNally, you are fully aware that former councilor Gary Murphy is not the only resident who has a vested interest in this issue, but you choose to single him out and focus on him, rather than the issue.

Most of us - four or five - spoke regarding the issue of small vendors not being an impact on the brick and mortar businesses. Small vendors that sell pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, etc., would provide families an option to stop in Montville, as opposed to what happens now, which is either stopping in Norwich or in New London.

Let patrons be welcomed by all businesses, big or small, let them see what is available and let them choose. The year is 2014; "vendors junking up the town in the '80s" and "causing traffic problems" are the past and are now handled by very competent authorities within the town - the police department, etc.

It is time for you and others to stop politicking, and do what is right and reasonable for the town and its residents.

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