Please support Montville vendors ordinance

The Institute for Justice discusses "Proximity Restrictions and Restricted Zones" and recommends that: "Cities should not pass or retain laws that tell vendors they may not operate within a certain distance of a brick-and-mortar competitor. Protecting a few select businesses from competition is not a proper government role or function."

The established facts are that encouraging street vending and public markets is a great way to foster public interaction, tourism and a means for entrepreneurship. Towns that have vendor ordinances have seen business sales increase as a result of proximity to street vendors because vendors draw customers to areas in which they operate. This is a simple method for new economic activity. Street vending benefits both vendors and existing brick and mortar businesses.

The vendors' and peddlers' ordinance will encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth for all of Montville citizens. Please look at this objectively, because this is not a Democratic or Republican issue. Please look at who will benefit from a less restrictive ordinance. You will find that everyone benefits.

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