Reject 'do as I say, not as I do' foreign policies

America should remember the baptism of Rus' in 988. Prior to this Prince Vladimir of Kiev had consolidated the Kievan realm from modern day Ukraine to the Baltic Sea. Kiev and the Ukraine were Russian from 988.

The political elite of America and the Western powers have a master plan to destabilize certain countries. They did it to Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Kosovo and now the Ukraine. In doing these evil deeds, the Christians, especially Orthodox Christians, are paying a heavy price at the hands of fanatic Islamists.

It was perfectly legal to wrench away Kosovo from Serbia and give it over the Islamist fanatics. This is located in the soft underbelly of Europe. It was perfectly legal for Pesident Clinton to bomb Serbia back to the Stone Age in 1999, but it is illegal for Russia to take action against the neo-Nazis and fascists who were taking over the Ukraine on their very border.

America should stop arming Islamist terrorists around the world in order to advance its covert political agenda. America should first take care of its own rot before trying to fix the rest of the world.

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