Waterford High to get new signs; decision to take down trees to wait

Waterford - The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a request from the school district Tuesday to place four new signs on and around Waterford High School, but said they would have to further discuss the district's proposed removal of trees from the campus.

The name of the high school in blue lettering will appear above each of the high school's three entrances. An additional sign will be placed by Minor Lane, which is an access road to the high school.

Commissioners briefly debated whether lettering should be blue or black. They decided on blue because it is a school color.

"For the kids," said Commission Chairman Gwen Hughes.

Commissioners were split on whether to remove roughly 40 pine trees in front of the high school and by the tennis courts. Hughes told School Buildings Committee member John Koning, who attended as a representative of the district, that a decision about the trees would have to wait.

The district first asked to remove the trees at a commission meeting last month.

Hughes suggested leaving the trees by the front entrance and said she was flexible about removing the trees by the tennis courts.

Commissioner Dana Award said he supported removing some trees from the tennis courts, but was concerned removing trees from the location would cause interference between the lights on the baseball field and tennis courts.

"We don't want to bombard you with this, because this is a lot, but this is an issue about trees," said Hughes.

"I love trees, too," responded Koning.



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