Vets for Vets

Last Saturday, James Pace, left, had quite a story about his Army days to share with fellow veterans Dane Gayle, center, and Steve McOmber. The Veterans 4 Veterans group holds community meetings on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month at 8 a.m. at Mount Carmel Christian Church at 5100 Ridge Road, North Haven.

Don Rivers, founder of the group, said it functions "to let vets know they're not alone. The best way to do that is other veterans. Knowing you're not alone, you don't walk alone, and to be advocates to ensure vets get the services they need."

The group holds informal meetings for all past military service veterans, and provides breakfast, coffee, talk about experiences, or support with résumés and other personal assistance.

Rivers said they're trying to create a sense of value, to make the veterans feel their self-worth, and to listen to them, while also reducing feelings of isolation.

"The key to dealing with people is being with them," he said.


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