Only nation of killers would welcome suicide

We're Becoming a nation of killers.

"America the Beautiful" is a lovely song, but it means nothing in today's American society. We are a bunch of thugs, of killers, of nasty "I want it my way" thoughtless clods. Any mention of our creator brings out the worst in most folks. We think nothing of killing the unborn, from our president on down.

We push God out of every aspect of our life; the very God who was cited in our Constitution and in our Bill of Rights. Today we read about a state-assisted suicide bill. Kudos to the Catholic Church who bore signs saying, "Got Second Thoughts?" But the killers among us also had signs saying "My Life, My Death, My Choice."

Not so fast, killers. Yes, it is your life. And if you don't believe in a creator, it's your death. But if you do choose to end your life, don't drag doctors in on the act. They've taken an oath to "do no harm" and if this bill passes and they are part of the equation, soon Uncle Sam will be part of the process, and we will then be totally doomed.

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