Impeach the president for his foreign policy

How much more treasonous conduct and ineptitude before we impeach President Obama?

Obama's sanctions against a handful of officials in Putin's inner circle, but not Putin himself, is emblematic of his spineless and cowardly responses on a terrible scale; or is it treasonous duplicity and selling us out while trying to save political face and protect his foreign buddies like Putin?

Obama's weak-willed and spineless response to foreign threats from North Korea to Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Crimea and Russia is telling. Short of declaring unilateral surrender to these crazy, evil and malevolent enemies, he has done little to advance international security and everything to exacerbate the issues.

I thought James Earl Carter Jr. was the worst president ever, but our current coward-in-chief takes the cake. What next - a unilateral blanket disarmament and surrender to these evil people? He is indeed the "coward-in-chief" and his treasonous duplicity deserves impeachment!

From the moment he took Putin's advice on Syrian chemical weapons to the take over of the Crimea, it was a straight line failure of courage and integrity and demonstrative of a total failure to lead.

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