Waterford planning to establish design review board

Waterford - The Planning and Zoning Commission plans to establish a design review board to advise the commission about architectural designs of proposed developments other than single family homes.

Planning Director Dennis Goderre said the board would enhance the zoning approvals process by helping to ensure that new developments are designed in a way that is compatible with the “character” of their surroundings.

People seeking to build new structures would present plans to the board as a first step of the zoning approvals process.

The commission approved amendments to zoning regulations Tuesday allowing for the creation of the board. The amendments go into effect May 1, at which point the commission can begin appointing board members.

The board could play a role in the proposed development of a town center in Jordan Village, according to Goderre. Planning and zoning is currently conducting a study to develop a plan for the town center.

“That's part of what the study is about, what kind of role [a design review board] will play,” Goderre said.

He said the board has been part of the town's plan of development since 1998.

Anyone interested in serving on the new board may submit a letter to the Planning and Zoning Commission asking to be considered. Goderre said he expects the commission will establish the board within three months.



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