Poor customer service is a growing concern

Jobs are hard enough to find, but why is it when you leave someone in charge they think they're the boss and act like a dictator?

I had an experience with a doctor's assistant telling me I was trying to force them to do something (over the phone no less).

Another example happened at a laundromat. I was taking a king comforter to be washed and was told they close at 9. It was before 7! No way does anything take over an hour to wash and dry.

People seem to think customers grow on trees. Where has respect for customers gone? Where has common sense gone? No wonder businesses are not doing well. I stay away from such businesses. I tell all my friends and others I meet about places that deliver good customer service.

I do not want to hear it's the economy. It's poor business to think you're doing your customer a favor by being open. I'm doing you a favor by coming into your business. Treat me as such.

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