Linares should work to cut taxes for all

The letter, "Senator seeks support for programs to help business and create jobs," (March 17), from state Sen. Art Linares of Westbrook, 33rd District, is remarkable. He has proposed bills that he believes would help businesses and create jobs. Two quotes from the letter are "without having to pay burdensome taxes" and "money that would have otherwise simply have gone to the state in taxes." If businesses are given tax relief, doesn't that require that ordinary taxpayers pay more?

In addition, the governor and the state have programs to relieve the tax burden for some selected businesses, including one which has gone bankrupt.

Sen. Linares does seem to realize that taxes and regulations in the state are the reason that people and businesses are either leaving or not expanding. He and all state legislators should be working to make the state more attractive for all, businesses and ordinary taxpayers alike.

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