Tax-base growth critical to education

To those in Stonington who are unhappy with the deep cuts to the education budget, I share your disappointment. My children have long since left the Stonington schools, but I also recognize that one of the major supports to the value of our homes is a perceived strong public education system.

As an attorney, I often represent land owners and developers before Stonington land-use boards and commissions and I hear the question from commission members, "Where is the local support for this project?" They always hear from the opponents.

The answer to stopping a downward spiral or merely maintaining a status quo is smart growth in the tax base. Every time a land-use board or commission votes to approve or deny a project it affects the Grand List one way or the other and ultimately affects the quality and quantity of services, including education, available to our residents. I urge you to voice your support for projects that promote smart growth.

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