Weaken Russia's hand via renewable energy

Your March 27 article, "Obama urges Europe to challenge Putin's Russia," underestimates what the West really has on our side - more powerful than Europe or America for that matter - Mother Nature. With 70 percent of Russia's exports from oil and gas, they make up half of the country's revenue and outside the Russian embassy on Wisconsin Avenue in D.C., good luck finding anything outside of Vodka made, grown, assembled, or produced in Russia, with vodka not exactly the pathway to prosperity.

Renewable energy is the future, with Russia and Iran praying it doesn't come to soon. With China experiencing air quality problems that make New London look like an oxygen tent, the race to renewable energy is on across the globe. The sooner we adapt, the sooner Russia and Iran cease to be global threats and return to their regional troublemaker status that will make us glad they're not in our region.

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