Israel should join in Syrian relief effort

Is their a reward for helping refugees? Look what happened to us when boatloads of Europeans, fleeing famine, wars, and persecution came here. Upon the backs and brains of these refugees and their children our great country flourished.

We were not always so hospitable. Later when Hitler's savage pogroms threatened Jews with certain death we were slow to save them. Our excuses were they would take jobs away from Americans, they would never be 100 percent true Americans, and the hidden prejudice of anti-Semitism fed both. But some were saved and their contributions to our culture and prosperity can be summed up in one name, Albert Einstein.

Today millions of refugee flee Syria for safety in neighboring states, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and have overwhelmed camps and shanty towns there. Among them are a million children, many without parents and without schools. Israel has refused to provide shelter within its borders. What their reasons are for rejecting women and children in desperate conditions is not clear. I believe there would be a reward for accepting them. It would come in new relationships with their Arab neighbors, lasting bonds with Syrian families, and a deepening of Jewish core values.

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