Waterford child’s complaint about speeders gets action from police

Waterford - Police have placed Fog Plain Road on their regular traffic patrols after a young boy wrote a letter complaining about speeding on the street.

"Obviously this has gotten a lot of attention because of his age, but regardless of how old he is, we regard it like any other speeding complaint that we get," said Lt. Brett Mahoney.

Isaiah McLoughlin, 9, wrote the letter to police last week and later received a visit from Officer Nicole VanOverloop. His story made its way to television and print news outlets.

"Every morning when I wait for the bus cars and trucks are speeding," McLoughlin wrote in the letter.

McLoughlin and his grandmother Millie Mell said they've seen a difference on their street since police responded to the note.

"It actually does seem like there actually are a few more people going a little slower," said Mell.

Mahoney said officers have arrested a few drivers on Fog Plain for speeding since dedicating patrols to the 25 mile-per-hour stretch that connects Clark Lane to Route 1.

Still, he said he didn't think the road had more incidences for speeding than other parts of town.

"I would say that speeding is our number one complaint throughout the town," he said.

He said that it is standard practice for the police department to place an area on its regular traffic patrols after receiving speeding complaints.

For McLoughlin, the only thing that might be more exciting than fewer drivers speeding is media attention.

Asked how he felt about seeing his story spread, he said, "I'm happy because, you know me, I like to talk a lot."



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