On Stonington budget, let process play out

In Stonington, the Board of Education and the Board of Finance are both elected positions. Those who believe the Board of Finance is not elected do not understand the process. So, their claim that the process should be changed to make the Board of Finance an elected one is a misdirected attempt to blame the Board of Finance for cuts to the education budget.

The Board of Education has the duty to promote the good delivery of education. The duty of the Board of Finance is to promote a sound budget that is acceptable to the voting taxpayers. Both boards are elected to serve those taxpayers.

One group of taxpayers feel that education needs to be better funded to be delivered properly. The other group feels that they pay too much in taxes for education.

Both boards have done their job in promoting these divergent interests yet, the conflict still remains. Now, the voters should be given the opportunity to decide whether or not the education funds should be cut. To do that, the Board of Finance needs to restore the cut funding and send the budget to a referendum. If the budget passes, the taxpayers have had their say. If it doesn't pass, the cuts have to be made.

In the end democracy has been served.

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