Cher brings tour to Mohegan Sun

On the opening night of her "Dressed To Kill" tour, the inimitable Cher told her fans "I swear to God, this is my farewell, farewell tour. I'll be my mother if I do another concert."

We'll wait and see. After all, the 67-year-old diva's last tour started out as "The Farewell Tour" and then - somewhere along the line, as the tour kept going and going - it became known as "The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour." Because she couldn't. That tour played in front of more than 5.5. million fans in 325 shows.

This time, Cher is scheduled to hit 49 cities - with a concert Saturday at Mohegan Sun Arena. It's a patentedly over-the-top extravaganza, with oodles of costume changes and elaborate sets. There was a minor kerfuffle over the fact that Bob Mackie, who had designed some of Cher's most famous outfits through the years, said he was too busy to create costumes for her for this tour. The audacity!

Even so, it ain't as though she's left wearing a burlap sack. She's got dresses gleaming and glittering. She's got headdresses towering atop her wigs-of-many-colors. Hey, she's Cher, dammit!

The concert careens through Cher's considerable music catalog, from "I Got You Babe" through "If I Could Turn Back Time" to "Woman's World."

And if Cher isn't enough of a draw, her opening act is the still-fabulous Pat Benatar. She and her husband/collaborator, guitarist Neil Giraldo, will hit you with their best shot. They'll get you all fired up. They will be ... invincible. Okay, I'll stop. I can't work "Love Is A Battlefield" into that run of sentences anyway.


Cher, 8 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Arena;
with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo; $124.75, $154.75;


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