Moving Taste of Mystic a serious misjudgment

Logistics and staffing problems, really?

I can remember the Taste of Mystic music/beer/wine tent being erected in the Scott Building parking lot. One year it was on the ground of what is now Mystic River park after the removal of Cottrell Lumber. The guests walked on dirt, roots and small stones. Bales of hay were provided for seating. The event went on and wrist bands were used.

After hurricanes, flooding and streetcape construction, you are denying the Mystic merchants trickle-down revenue from Taste guests meandering downtown?

Instead of dancing and tasting and watching sunsets and boats cruise the river, attendees at Olde Mistick Village can meander concrete pathways and parking lots and listen to the dulcet tones of Interstate 95. The logistics and staffing will still be present, but the location is just more convenient, let us be honest.

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