Poor decisions tearing down our republic

The founders intended to create a republic comprised of a federation of states. Hence, the "United States" of America!

Each state would elect a legislature and congressional delegation commensurate with their state population by popular (democratic) vote.

Each state legislature then elected two U.S. senators assuring each state was represented equally at the national level. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson, champion for the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, U.S. Senators no longer represent their state but blatantly kowtow to contrived political popularity if they expect to return to office.

The Connecticut "Constitution State" legislature is now poised to pass a bill to eliminate its role in the Electoral College and support a national popular vote for election for president. If passed, our Electoral College delegation will be mandated to cast one unanimous vote for the presidential candidate that receives the majority of votes nationwide, regardless of the election results in our state, negating the intention of the founders to create a federation of states.

That is not the republic the founders envisioned - that is mob rule (i.e. Crimea).

"It's a republic if you can keep it," warned Benjamin Franklin in 1787.

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