A plea for reason in New London budget talks

Before everyone starts running around with the tax increase, sky is falling syndrome and LOT starts their "lower our taxes" (ultimately at $20,000 cost per referendum) campaign, could we all do some simple math? Find the total taxes you paid in 2013-2014, look at your new assessment after the revaluation, multiply that assessment by 39.70 and compare the two numbers. My tax bill went up by $99, which is manageable.

If we all concentrated on the final number instead of concentrating on this huge increase, maybe rationality will break out amongst us.

One can only hope. Since our grand list was decreased by 25 percent, we all should realize that the money to run this city has to come from somewhere. And, if by some miracle we actually figure out and receive the grant money from the state to which we are entitled, the outlook for the city might brighten somewhat. Then, of course, do look at the annual budget and make reasonable cuts. Get rid of redundancies and employees who are non- performing, or better yet, get rid of the ones who are a total drain on our budget.

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