NL reprimands two in animal shelter probe

New London — An investigation by the city’s law director into the renovation of the animal shelter found several violations of the city’s purchasing ordinance, Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said Monday night.

After reviewing the investigation, the mayor issued an executive order instructing all city departments to make any necessary changes in procedures so that all purchases comply with the city’s ordinances.

In January, Finizio ordered Law Director Jeffrey T. Londregan to look into the public works department’s expenditures of more than $160,000 to rebuild the city’s animal shelter after a tree fell through it during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Londregan, in a report issued to the City Council on Monday night, wrote that “the evidence seems to indicate that no criminal activity occurred.”

Finizio said an member of the public works union was given an oral warning and a member of the municipal employees union was issued a written admonition for their involvement in the purchase order violations.


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