Are we more humane with dying pets than with dying people?

Recently a writer stated that we are a nation of killers, "Only nation of killers would welcome suicide," (March 27), that we were created by god, that doctors took an oath to do no harm. There are many people who do not agree with the whole creation aspect, but that is another discussion.

Humans are the highest form of animal creatures. That being said, we talk about putting down a beloved pet because they are suffering so much and what a humane thing that is.

Are we not putting the animals ahead of humans when we do this? We can put down a pet because of their extreme suffering but the humans we love the most have to live to endure their suffering. I know if I had a terminal illness, were in pain, or so drugged up with pain meds that I wasn't aware of anything, that I was warehoused in a nursing home and I didn't know my own family or my foot from my hand and was a burden to my family that I would not want to live. No second thoughts. At that point I would be existing, not living.

All creatures need to be treated humanely, and sometimes that means even people deserve the right to not live in misery, to use their superior brains to make their wishes known ahead of time and to have them carried out without risk of criminal punishment.

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