New London mailing parking ticket appeals notifications

New London — The city has begun sending out notices of hearings for parking ticket appeals, though the first batch of notifications to go out bore the name of the former parking ticket hearing officer.

A new parking ticket hearing officer, former police chief Bruce Rinehart, has agreed to hear the appeals pro bono, Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said. Rinehart replaces Reid Burdick, who served as the hearing officer for 26 years before leaving the post last June.

When the first notices were mailed, they included Burdick's name as the hearing officer.

"I got a call from a lady who was irate with me," Burdick said. "I haven't had anything to do with parking tickets for nine months."

The mayor said Burdick's name was included by mistake and that new notices will be sent out with Rinehart's name on them.

"The form letters have not changed in 26 years and, apparently, a batch of letters went out with Mr. Burdick's name still on the notifications," Finizio said. "It was an oversight in the Finance Department. I have corrected that oversight and I apologize to Mr. Burdick for any inconvenience this caused him."


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