Councilor turns back on town businesses

Montville Town Councilor Chuck Longton wrote in a letter to the editor, "Montville should back new vendor ordinance," (March 27), that the new proposals for the vendor ordinance will comply with state law. Which laws was he talking about? What the heck is he babbling about in saying that leaving the vendor ordinance as it is should be considered class discrimination? Does Longton even understand the definition of class discrimination?

His statements are meant to scare people with an impending lawsuit. But who would file this suit? Could it be Longton's fellow Democrat Gary Murphy and his infamous hot-dog cart?

Longton seems to like standing on the soapbox when it comes to something that helps a fellow political party member. Too bad he doesn't use all that pent up energy to help the businesses in Montville. Times are tough; the economy has not yet healed from its devastating effects over the past years. I think Longton should start writing about how to help standing businesses instead of hurting them. That would seem like the right thing to advocate for, considering the current economy. Stop trying to close businesses that are barely surviving.

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