At Easter, chocolate bunny is a better choice

Those involved in the rabbit rescue community implore parents not to buy their children Easter bunnies. Rabbits are high maintenance animals and are not good starter pets. They do not like to be picked up, cuddled, or chased. Rabbits are also natural chewers. Furniture and power cords are favorites.

Rabbits are a long-term commitment, often living ten or more years. Like all companion animals, they need to live indoors. These Easter presents must be spayed/neutered, litter-box trained and regularly groomed. They also have special dietary requirements and complex health issues. Like cats and dogs, they must get regular medical checkups.

Once the Easter novelty wears off, shelters begin to fill with unwanted bunnies. Most will be euthanized, dead before their first birthday. If kept, rabbits are often relegated to a cramped, outdoor hutch where they are subjected to predators, extreme weather, and constant loneliness. Keep in mind that setting a domestic rabbit free means certain death.

Consider wisely and do your research. If your family is ready for a bunny, please adopt from a shelter or rabbit rescue organization. For additional information, visit


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