Monica's returns sunny-side up

We're delighted, as are many hungry customers, that Monica's State Street Diner reopened on New London's State Street this week after an Aug. 21 fire heavily damaged the popular downtown restaurant, along with Zambala Grocery and upstairs apartments in the aptly named Bacon Building.

Once again the heady aroma of omelets, home fries and chocolate-chip pancakes wafts from the diner, thanks to the perseverance of owner Monica Rossi and the generosity of patrons and nearby businesses who helped her rebuild.

"It's so good to see it open," said Ozzie Ozkan, owner of Wings 'n' Pies across the street who popped in for a late breakfast. "State Street needs a breakfast joint. It's nice not seeing an empty storefront."

We agree, and looking at the situation from a coffee-mug-half-full perspective applaud the community spirit that led to Monica's reopening.

The half-empty coffee mug reality, though, is that too many downtown businesses remain boarded up. For New London to thrive people need not just to work downtown but to shop, eat and live there.

We hope the lesson of Monica's reopening inspires others to show similar confidence in the city's future.

Though Zambala remains closed, renovations are continuing on the Bacon Building apartments, so before long tenants will be able to join the merchants, commuters and residents for a short stack, two over easy and morning cup of Joe.

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Zambala back on State Street