Review did disservice to awesome restaurant

I found your review, "Restaurant review: Mystic's latest watering hole celebrates local history," (April 3), of the Engine Room Restaurant - written by Jill Blanchette - to be not only inaccurate, but sarcastic and unprofessional. It is clear that this critic is biased. It is just not at all consistent to describe a great place that is incredibly busy with serving poor quality food. People do not pack into restaurants the way they are packing into the Engine Room unless the food is awesome.

The review made no sense. Blanchette is saying that 2+2=5. She is saying that hardworking, intelligent people are flocking to a restaurant to spend their hard-earned money on low-quality food.

Her goal to simply put the Engine Room down is far too obvious. Maybe the other restaurants who are not doing as well spend more on advertising with The Day because they have to. Maybe The Engine Room doesn't need to spend a dime at The Day because they are so busy and everything is very good. I have been to the Engine Room three times and each time it was awesome.

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