Kerry's Israel remarks taken out of context

I am concerned by The Day's misleading headline, "Kerry: Settlement Plan Derailed Talks," (April 9), which decontextualizes both Kerry's remarks and the settlement understandings, and by the lack of accuracy in the news report.

An accurate piece of reportage would have clarified the context of the new construction in the Gilo section of Jerusalem. Both sides expect Israel to retain Gilo in a final land swap, so that how many apartments Israel plans to build there is irrelevant to the peace negotiations.

Furthermore, the reporting of Secretary Kerry's remarks is incomplete. The news report failed to include Kerry's high praise of Prime Minister Netanyahu for making "courageous decisions throughout (the) process." Kerry had no such praise for the Palestinian side whose position has not changed since 1991. Recently PA President Mahmoud Abbas even refused to accept Israel as a Jewish state (a key Israeli demand), despite the existence of a number of "Islamic republics" in the Middle East.

Accuracy helps us all fathom this complicated situation.

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