In Val Tamano, NL schools had a gem

With the recent announcement that Valerie Tamano will retire from the New London Public Schools effective July 1, comes the end to a legacy of leadership. Miss Tamano welcomed me to the board in 1997. She introduced me to the almost 1,000 policies and during the new board orientation informed all board members of the serious role they will play as school board members.

Val, for 30 years, took her role extremely seriously. She spent many hours hard at work for the children of New London. On any given night you can drive down Williams Street late at night and see Val's car, while she is hard at work fulfilling the many roles she held. Many times in my 10 years on the board, Val would deliver board packets late at night. She would be sure all board members were prepared for meetings with the correct information. Members would often say that we knew who really ran the schools.

In the education field there are many contributors to the process of educating a child and many do it well. It's hard to find a harder worker than Valerie Tamano. Her dedication, sincerity, caring and honesty should always be remembered.

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