Murals display love for a struggling city

In David Collins' column, "Save the ladies," (April 11), he said, "I am not generally a big fan of urban murals, especially when they are used ... to liven up or masquerade other shortcomings."

I am fairly new to the area, and, prior to visiting, I had heard that New London had seen better days. I had expected to see the kind of dilapidation that characterizes Waterbury and parts of Hartford and New Haven. Looking beneath the surface, it is clear that New London is home to many vacant storefronts and empty buildings, but the profusion of large-scale artwork that adorns the walls of buildings tells me, as a new visitor to the city, that this city has not given up and succumbed to a failing economy.

Someone in this city cares about it, and I found it much more comfortable to walk those streets than I have on similar, unadorned streets in other Connecticut cities. Downtown clearly has deep, underlying problems, likely caused by years of economic change and only to be fixed by years of hard effort, but the first step is showing a love for the city, and to my newly arrived eyes, those murals are thousands of square feet of colorful love for a city in transition.

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