CL&P customers to get free energy use tracking service

Starting Monday, more than 340,000 Connecticut Light & Power customers will be automatically enrolled in a new, free energy-saving service called Home Energy Reports, an Energize Connecticut initiative, CL&P and Energize Connecticut announced in a news release today.

The reports are designed to help customers assess and track their energy use. They will show customers how their home's energy use compares to an anonymous group of 100 similarly-sized and equipped homes in their area. The report also includes customized tips for no-cost, low-cost, and long-term investment options to reduce energy use, the news release said. Customers will also be able to go online and set energy reduction goals, as well as learn more about how their home consumes energy.

"CL&P is extending this program broadly because we know that our customers need energy solutions that are customized to their own homes," said Matt Gibbs, director of energy efficiency at CL&P.

An additional 30,000 CL&P customers will also be able to enroll in Home Energy Reports when they participate in Home Energy Solutions, an in-home service designed to help customers save money on energy bills and make homes more comfortable year round.

A total of 34,000 CL&P customers participated in the Home Energy Reports pilot from 2011 through 2013. The pilot delivered over $1.3 million in total cost savings and approximately 14,350 megawatt hours of electricity savings, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity 900 homes would typically consume in one year, the news release said. About 17,000 customers previously enrolled in the pilot will continue to receive reports either in the mail or via email.

Customers enrolled in Home Energy Reports can choose to opt out of the program at any time. For information, visit:

Energize Connecticut is an initiative of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority, the state, and utilities, and is funded by a charge on customer energy bills. For information about energy-saving programs, visit: or call (877) 947-3873.


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