Stop tolerating bully in Groton schools

The Groton Schools are doing a poor job of protecting our children from bullies. After several complaints about one child in the middle school to the guidance counselor, principal, assistant principal and the superintendent of the school system, nothing gets done. The child is allowed to harass students with no repercussions.

Not only has there been verbal harassment, but also physical violence against several students. There have been complaints by three or four parents about the problem child. One parent witnessed the physical violence and was told it's still "he said, she said." Not only have the schools chosen to do nothing, but this problem has been reported to the Town of Groton Police Department, with no help. Groton police claim there has to be physical assault, which there has, and still nothing was done.

Parents are told if their child fights back they will be suspended or expelled.

Please help. I would think we learned our lesson.

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