Be Stonington proud about frugal schooling

I would like to commend our teachers and administrators in Stonington for the fine job they have done over the past several years keeping our students at almost every grade level above the state goal in CAPT testing. This has been accomplished through hard work and cooperation, and at a funding level that has been sustainable by the taxpayers.

Enrollment in our school system over the past several years has been relatively flat, even declining a bit. The supertendent has noted that Stonington is the 45th wealthiest community in our state. However, I don't think that tells the whole story. Much of the wealth is concentrated in a minority of households. The majority of households are struggling to pay their mortages, feed their families and pay their taxes. He also states that we have the 155th lowest tax rate in the state. What is so bad about that? It isn't always how much money you can throw at something that makes it a success. We are maintaining our infrastructure, protecting our citizens and paying our bills and educating our children successfully unlike some other towns and cities in our state.

You can't always have everything you want. We must compromise.

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