World war looms due to weak leader

President Teddy Roosevelt said it best, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." President Reagan's big stick was missile defense and he used it to bring Russian Premier Gorbachov to his knees, ending the Cold War. Obama removed missile defense from Eastern Europe, which signaled to Putin that he had carte blanche to do as he pleased. Result: the Ukraine takeover with more mischief to follow.

Sadly, we can expect mischief from China, North Korea, Syria and Iran as well. Does anyone really believe Iran will not aggressively pursue a nuclear bomb after Obama's pathetic performance over the Ukraine plus the disappearing "red line" in Syria? The problem is we have a community organizer pretending to be president. Community organizers have zero interest in foreign affairs. Community organizers have zero interest in the military, which he is cutting drastically. In a desperate attempt to save Democratic control of the Senate in November, our community organizer, aka president, is concentrating on class warfare and crying racism. Regrettably, the world is in as dangerous a position today as it was in 1939, when England's Chamberlain came back from a visit to Hitler waving a paper and proclaiming "peace in our time."

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