Groton City police kill suspected rabid raccoon

Groton — City police Sunday shot and killed a raccoon that a resident thought may have been rabid.

A resident of 22 Meech Ave. called police at 1:30 p.m. to report a rabid possum in her yard. Police discovered the animal to be a “very sickly raccoon,” according to Sgt. John Jenkins.

“It was just very sickly, very ill, it had some of its hair missing, wasn’t moving very much,” he said, adding that it is odd to see a raccoon during the daytime.

Police handed the body of a raccoon over to Groton Animal Services after shooting the animal, according to the sergeant.

He said animal services disposed of the animal without testing it for rabies because the animal reportedly had not been in contact with humans or other animals, according to Jenkins.


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