Why wait? Finizio should resign now

The most recent borrowing proposal by Mayor Finizio is preposterous and contains more of the detrimental advice he sends to a City Council that is all too willing to listen without question. They seem to have no problem adding bonded debt to be paid by our children and grandchildren to support his fanciful and ill-advised spending habits.

If in fact the city is in such desperate financial condition why hasn't the mayor initiated an immediate spending freeze, a halt of all overtime, and an energy-savings program to reduce fuel use, now at almost $4 per gallon? The likely reason is this inept mayor knows only how to spend.

Please, mayor, resign at once. We cannot afford 20 more months of your smoke-and-mirror financial plans. Taxpayers cannot afford to pay for your follies. We will be here after you and his crew are gone and will repair the damage done to our city and our homes.

According to records the mayor owns no property and no motor vehicles. He owns nothing taxable. He can create all debt he wants and spend all he can get away with and it does not affect his pocketbook at all. He is exempt from the pain, responsibility and harm his own decisions are causing .

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