Time is right for N. Stonington school project

Everyone familiar with North Stonington schools knows our 1950s-era facilities require major updating. There are countless studies showing how facility upgrades result in smarter kids, better teachers and a safer environment. There's also detailed research that unequivocally proves upgrading schools produces more vibrant communities, increased property values, and active economic development.

Many people who live in North Stonington will tell you they live or moved here because of our great schools. It is crucial that we protect that investment. Will people continue to move to and remain in town without us committing to investing in our schools?

We also must consider how much more the cost will rise in the years to come if we either put the project off, or don't do it at all. It is already known that putting this project off by only one year will result in nearly $2 million in increased costs. Interest rates are still historically low and construction costs remain reasonable at this time.

Please consider the known costs of this project, but also the potentially major costs of passing up this opportunity.

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