Commission nudges Montville closer to possibly having independent police

Montville - The Public Safety Commission brought the town one small step closer to formal consideration of an independent police force on Monday.

In December, the Town Council asked the commission to write a formal charge for an ad hoc committee that would explore the advantages and disadvantages of creating an independent police force. After four months, the Public Safety Commission has composed a charge and voted to send it back to the council.

The charge proposed by the commission said the committee would be known as the Montville Law Enforcement Feasibility Committee and would consist of two Town Councilors, two Public Safety Commissioners and five members of the general public. The committee should produce a report for the town council within six months after its first meeting, according to the proposed charge.

The charge requests that the committee report include a consideration of the current language of the town charter, agency administration and organizational structure, staffing, cost assessments and dispatch and communication needs, as well as an evaluation of what police structure exists in comparable towns, possible department policy and procedure changes and who would be the overseeing authority.


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