Too many projects at once in N. Stonington

The residents in the Town of North Stonington need to make some big decisions in the coming weeks ahead. We have some really big projects to vote on one being a new school project we have already approved a new emergency complex and other projects that are a part of this years budget.

My biggest concern is what the mill rate will be if all of these projects are approved. Now I agree we need a lot of improvements but do we need them all at once?

Nobody will give a number on how much the mill rate would go up but I am saying at least 5 mills maybe 6. That would raise my taxes I am guessing about $2,000 dollars a year.

I say that is too much, so do your homework, do what is right for you and keep in mind the elderly and people on fixed incomes who will be really hurt by an increase of this size. Don't vote on these issues with your heart, vote on these issues for what is right for you. We have a great town here but remember, trees don't pay taxes.

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