Give tax exemptions to military pensions

An excellent letter, " Put a limit on state pension exemptions," (April 26), mentioned a 50 percent income tax exemption on educators pensions that seems to be election-year posturing. If Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wants the state to provide this benefit to educators, then why not provide a 100 percent income tax deduction to military veterans pensions, as many other states do?

With all due respect, Connecticut educators are among the highest paid in the United States, while those in the military earn only a fraction of their incomes. In perspective, we send those in the military off in harm's way to defend our country away from their families, sometimes many months at a time. Some come back injured and maimed for life, if they even come back at all.

If the governor really feels that Connecticut is so financially well off to provide this 50 percent deduction to educators, then lets recognize the great sacrifice of our veterans and their families, and provide them an appropriate 100 percent income tax deduction. It would be the right thing to do.


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