Hypocricy over the Tenth Amendment

The editorial, "Court ruling threatens to divide us," (April 24), without actually mentioning the Tenth Amendment ranted about different states having different laws. The editor fearfully opined about "the confusion created by conflicting state laws on same-sex marriage," and "why are murderers executed in Texas but given a life sentence in Rhode Island?" and "Why should women in Mississippi have less access to legal abortions than those in Massachusetts?"

The editor wrapped it up with this thoughtful statement, "So many different laws in so many different states. In such a mobile society, how can U.S. citizens keep track of what they can or can't do?"

But, on April 13, the editorial, in support of unnecessarily stringent gun laws, stated; "...Connecticut took the matter into its own hands, as the Tenth Amendment encourages, and with a bipartisan effort, passed legislation to keep its people safe."

It appears that the editors of The Day are in favor of the Tenth Amendment when it supports their agenda. When it doesn't support their agenda, it's a bad thing. I think that we common folk who are not familiar with the intricacies of journalism call this hypocrisy.

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