Enjoying a new season of bird-watching

Warm weather is starting to arrive and slowly everything is coming to life again. During the cold winter season I was feeding the birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. Food was especially scarce for them and they needed help from their human friends in order to survive the winter.

To look out my window during that snowy cold season and see all the brightly colored birds, squirrels and deer was enlightening, especially when everything else seemed so lifeless.

The trees were all bare and there was no greenery or pretty flowers to enjoy. I thought to myself, I want to help our outside feathered and furry friends. Someone gave me a book of wild birds, and I'm able to identify a lot of them. It's interesting to read about the birds that head south for the winter and which ones stay up north.

Spring has arrived and their food sources are starting to become available to them. Now I enjoy being outside, watching the birds gathering materials to build their nests inside the bird houses we set up.

Soon, I'll enjoy watching the little baby birds trying out their wings.

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