Accused burglar, arsonist tells police of his heroin addiction

Norwich - The 20-year-old arrested Tuesday for allegedly lighting fire to a Norwich house that was partially owned by his father is an admitted heroin addict who police say is the same man accused in a string of thefts from the homes of family members, court records reveal.

Alexander Drozynski remains held in prison in lieu of bond on a host of burglary and larceny charges that date back to at least Jan. 1, when Drozynski's grandfather reported a burglary from his Wawecus Hill Road home. A portable generator, canoe and ladder were stolen along with a check that was later forged and cashed.

Police say Drozynski admitted to other burglaries both at his grandfather's and uncle's homes, the latter located on Sachem Plains Road where both he and his father lived.

"I know I have to pay the price for what I have done. Most everything I stole has been from family members and I am not proud of this," he is quoted as saying in an arrest warrant affidavit.

Drozynski's uncle, Robert Drozynski, told police "Alexander had a serious drug problem and had been kicked out of the house in the past because of money and drug-related problems," according to the arrest warrant affidavit in the case.

In an interview with police, Drozynski admitted he sold items he had stolen either on Craigslist or at pawn shops and used the money to purchase narcotics for himself and friends, according to the affidavit.

On one occasion, Drozynski told police he had broken into his uncle's home because he was mad about not having a place of his own to live and planned to use any money he found toward getting his own place, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

The fire Drozynski is accused of having a hand in setting predates the thefts. On Dec. 7, 2013, East Great Plain firefighters responded to 346 Salem Turnpike to find active fire on the first and second floors. Firefighters forced entry and searched for occupants before extinguishing the fire.

Drozynski, in a recent interview with Norwich Police Officer Robert Smith, says he was also mad at his father when he came up with the idea to light the fire.

"He stated his father was about to take his truck away from him because he was still doing heroin. He also stated his father wanted him to take a (urine) test," according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

The home, partially owned by his father, was used as a place to not only get high but a go-to spot to pilfer scrap metal - things like pipes and a bathtub. Police said Drozynski admitted to several thefts in which he sold the scrap metal at a local scrap yard and used the money to buy heroin.

In the arson case, Drozynski told police he promised a 21-year-old friend from New London he would get him heroin if he helped to burn the house. The two men filled a 2½ gallon container with gas and bought a can of paint thinner and a metal can of oil, dumped it into the house through a broken window and lit it up before running into the woods, according to police. Drozynski said he paid this accomplice $80 worth of heroin for his help.

The New London man has not yet been charged. Drozynski is to appear back in Norwich Superior Court on May 29.


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