Bundy exposed as freeloader and racist

Cliven Bundy, a Nevada cattleman, is a freeloader who had, and has, his cattle graze on federal land without paying grazing fees. He has built up over $1 million in fees, which courts upheld he owes. Bundy spouts that he doesn't recognize the federal government even exists.

Bundy became a "hero" for Republican, right-wing politicians and pundits for talking about the "terrible" federal government.

All went well for Bundy fans until the public learned of his comments that black people were probably living better picking cotton under slavery than they are today, by his account doing nothing.

The right-wingers figured out they better run away from Bundy fast. They only ran from his racism, not his criminal freeloading and his statements about the federal government.

Now he is a "limited hero" to them.

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