Needless regulations only hurt our farmers

In reading the article, "Don't take my pig feed away," (April 26), about the FDA trying to stop farmers from using spent grain, I was both amused at how preposterous the idea is and disgusted with the controls in place that are so unnecessary.

I grew up on a small farm in Rhode Island, where we raised most of our own food, both meat and vegetables.

Our pigs were fed such grain when we were fortunate enough to get it. It is healthy for the animals and helps to keep the cost of feeding the livestock down, thereby making it easier on the farmer, and also gives the brewery a better way to dispose of the waste from their business.

What its next? Will farmers not be allowed to let the livestock graze, because a bird may have flown over it and droppings could be there? Certainly there are fewer harmful things in such grain than are in most pet foods, with all their additives and preservatives to extend the shelf life.

I think it is time to tell the government to tend to things like keeping our service people out of needless wars and lowering the debt.

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