Obama doing the job despite right-wing lies

The "World war looms due to weak leader" letter (April 20) is like Swiss cheese; it's full of holes.

For instance, to characterize the president's stand on the Crimean invasion as "Obama's pathetic performance over the Ukraine" - false - the public record is that Obama responded quickly with economic sanctions that were soon copied by the EU. It demonstrated that Obama is far from being, as the writer so incorrectly charged, "A community organizer pretending to be president."

An equally false claim: "Community organizers have zero interest in foreign affairs." Obama demonstrated foreign affairs savvy with his correct "diplomacy-first" action. The writer continues his laughable Obama blast with typical right-wing "fear and smear" nonsense. His salvo that "organizers have zero interest in the military which he (Obama) is cutting drastically." More right-wing character assignation: The official U.S. government records prove otherwise.

President Obama tapped the technologically savvy Chuck Hagel to run the Department of Defense to ensure we maintain the most powerful military force on Earth. On all of the above issues, the president can honestly claim "Mission Accomplished," unlike Bush's false claim.

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